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As a full service dealership, Interiors Incorporated offers an array of additional services that are most often requested by our clients.

Warranty Maintenance
Upon notification of warranty work, Interiors Incorporated will immediately dispatch a qualified service person to the job site. If the work can be completed without parts it will be done at that time. If it is determined that additional parts are required, we will notify the manufacturer immediately to provide the necessary parts and return to correct the work in an expeditious manner.

General Product Maintenance
In addition to the manufacturer's warranty period, Interiors Incorporated also offers an on-going service and maintenance program to clean and repair the normal wear and tear that furnishings receive from regular use.

Repair and Reorder
Infrequently, product is damaged in transit. Interiors Incorporated can make the necessary repairs either at the project site or at our in house repair and refinishing shop. In addition, Interiors Incorporated will take responsibility for reordering and replacing missing parts and components.

Product Storage
In the event it is necessary to temporarily store your product due to construction delays or in order to coordinate a multi-phase installation, we can safely store your assets in our on site warehouse facility

Furniture Restoration
If you would like to enhance your old furniture to exist with new, Interiors Incorporated can offer you a quality rework of your existing wood and metal furnishings.

When normal wear and tear begin to show on your wood furnishings; nicks, ring marks, etc., Interiors Incorporated can coordinate reconditioning with one of our many associates.

Electrostatic Painting Panel Cleaning / Refurbishing
Painting of metal files and furnishings and panel cleaning or refurbishing can be completed at your facility, or ours.

We can coordinate reupholstering of your existing furnishings with our designated local reupholstery shop.

Inventory and Asset Management
On large systems projects, where reconfiguration is anticipated due to company growth, departmental changes, or other reasons, Interiors Incorporated suggests and supports maintaining a client owned inventory. A software based asset management system utilizing bar code technology, allows for complete control of corporate assets.

Reconfiguration Program
The Interiors Incorporated's Design/Technical Services Department is available to make small and large scale revisions at the request of the client.

Furniture Rental
When you require interim office furnishings, Interiors Incorporated offers an economical alternative with our Rental Program.

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